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SynTest Selects Two Executives To Support

Its Worldwide Customers

Benson Cheung Joins as Director of Applications and Consulting Engineering;
Suzanne Southworth Joins As Director of Telesales

Sunnyvale, CA--April 28, 1997--SynTest Technologies, Inc., a supplier and developer of test
and verification software solutions for integrated circuit (IC) designers and foundries, announced
today that it has appointed Benson Cheung as Director of Applications and Consulting Engineering,
and Suzanne Southworth as Director of Telesales. They report to L.T. Wang, SynTest¡¯s founder
and president.

Benson Cheung is responsible for managing SynTest¡¯s worldwide applications consulting and
service business. Cheung is based in Sunnyvale, CA, and manages applications and service
engineers in the US, Taiwan and Japan. Suzanne Southworth, based in Tewksbury, MA, is
responsible for SynTest¡¯s worldwide telephone and Internet sales and marketing efforts.

According to L. T. Wang, SynTest¡¯s founder and president, ¡°The world of design and test
continues to change in response to technology, time-to-market, and quality needs. To help us
take advantage of these market dynamics and better support our customers, we¡¯ve added two
new executive positions and staffed them with very experienced people.¡±

Wang, noted, ¡°Our revenues have doubled over the last year. These new positions are needed
to address the increased interest in our test products worldwide, especially our ATPG and fault
simulation products, and the continued growth we are seeing in our consulting service business.¡±



Suzanne Southworth is a well-known EDA telemarketer with eight years experience in training and
design tool sales to silicon foundries and systems houses throughout the world. She has previously
helped several companies with their telesales and marketing efforts. This includes Attest, Systems
Science, HDL Systems and Widman Associates. She also worked for Cadence¡¯s training

Benson Cheung has over 15 years experience with systems and ASIC design. Most recently,
he was part of the ASIC design group at Adobe Systems (San Jose, CA). He also has held
engineering management positions at 3DO and Zitel. He has a MSEE degree from the University
of California (Davis, CA).

About SynTest Support and Services:

" SynTest's goal is to help our customers achieve their test design goals,¡± noted, Benson Cheung.
" Our Consulting Engineering Group provides test synthesis, ATPG and fault simulation experts to
customers who may not have enough resources. We provide a wide range of services from design
flow metholodogy integration to complete turn-key solutions. "

"We help our customers become experts in using our tools. Customers use our help to
'kick-start' their projects. We provide tools and metholodogy training at the beginning of a design
cycle. During tape-out, we are available to help with any final critical test synthesis problems.
We want customers to feel that they are not alone after they purchase our tools. We are always
there to help," added Cheung.

SynTest Products:

Syntest's products include: its testability analysis tool-Pioneer; full scan, partial scan and
sequential ATPG-Picasso; scan synthesis and RAM BIST tool-Pyramid; boundary scan test

In December 1996, SynTest announced TurboFault, the fastest commercially available software
fault simulator. It helps engineers do a better job grading and managing the test vectors used
for manufacturing.

SynTest¡¯s products run on UNIX workstations, including Sun and Sun UltraSPARC.



Contact Information:

SynTest Technologies, Inc., 505 S. Pastoria Ave, Suite 101, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA,
408-720-9956, Fax: 408-720-9960, or visit SynTest¡¯s Web site;

SynTest Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, USA
with offices in Taiwan and Japan. The Company develops and markets test and verification tools
and consulting services throughout the world to semiconductor companies and ASIC designers.

SynTest¡¯s customers include:
Alliance Semiconductor, Chip Express, Cirrus Logic, Cisco, 8X8, Fujitsu, RISE,
Oki Semiconductor, Motorola, Orbit Semiconductor, Sony, Trimble Navigation, TSMC and UMC.




ASIC: Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ATPG: Automatic Test Pattern Generator
BIST: Built-in-Self-Test
IC: Integrated Circuit
RAM: Random Access Memory



Benson Cheung resides inCupertino, CA. At SynTest,
he can be reached at 408-720-9956 x600,

Suzanne Southworth resides in Tewksbury, MA.
She can be reached at 508-851-5515,

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