Consulting Services


In addition to developing and marketing Design-for-test (DFT) products, SynTest's mission is to provide consulting services to our customers who may not have adequate resources available to carry out various DFT insertion tasks.

We provide a wide range of services from DFT flow methodology integration to debug. We also provide a complete turn-key solution by refering you to our partner. Our past service projects include Pentium class CPUs, advanced 3D graphics chips, network communication devices, etc. Our customers include many start-ups and public companies and they rely on our efficient and timely service deliveries.

SynTest provides DFT Consulting Services for testability analysis, memory BIST and logic BIST insertion, boundary scan (IEEE 1149.1 compliant JTAG) synthesis, scan compression synthesis with Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG), and fault simulation.


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