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"Design-For-Test Tool Suite to meet ISO 26262 Standard"

SAN JOSE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE - June 16, 2016) - SynTest Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of Design-for-Test (DFT) tools, has announced its foray into support for Automotive IC designs. Suppliers of Automotive IC designs need to implement a functional safety process according to the ISO 26262 standard, and carry this through to their products. With Open Architecture for ease of integration into custom flow designed by Automotive IC Design suppliers, SynTest products make this a cinch.

Automotive IC Design suppliers need assistance on two fronts: (1) Creation of high-fault-coverage IC designs to comply with the ISO 26262 standard during manufacturing testing, and (2) Monitoring real-time design failures in the field when the design is in standby, nonoperational mode.

The first objective is achieved using SynTest TurboScan™, VirtualScan™ and TurboFault™. The TurboScan™ and VirtualScan™ products support scan synthesis and scan compression, respectively, and include an automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) engine to generate high-quality manufacturing test patterns. The TurboFault™ product uses a proprietary concurrent fault simulation engine to grade user-supplied functional vectors for detecting manufacturing faults. The product has been recognized for its speed and capacity since the 1990s.

The second objective is achieved using SynTest TurboBIST-Memory™ and TurboBIST-Logic™. The TurboBIST-Memory™ and TurboBIST-Logic™ products further enable self-test of memory circuits (such as embedded RAMs and ROMs) and logic circuits in the field, respectively, when the design is in standby, nonoperational mode. The TurboBIST-Memory™ product supports many standard March algorithms each of which guarantees 100% fault coverage for a particular set of memory fault models. It also allows the designers to describe a custom algorithm to catch hard-to-detect manufacturing related failures (such as dynamic faults) in embedded memories. Along with standard stuck-at, bridging type manufacturing defects represented by “fault models”, the TurboBIST-Logic™ product further allows detection of timing related delay faults.

Automotive IC Design solutions provided by SynTest are used by many customers in the automotive IC design supplier field. A few include Myson Century, Inc. a design house specialized in embedded microcontroller (MCU) and ASIC solutions, as well as Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider of multimedia IC solutions.

“We have been using SynTest TurboScan™ to generate Scan/ATPG as well as TurboBIST-Memory™ for memory BIST insertion in many of our product designs; this includes some recent automotive MCU designs for meeting auto test grading,” said Dr. Tsen-Shau Yang, Vice President at Myson Century, Inc. “We are also looking forward to using SynTest TurboFault™ Concurrent Fault Simulation tool suite to meet our requirement on Fault coverage for automotive applications,” added Dr. Yang.

George Chou, in charge of Design Methodology Service at Sunplus Technology further commented, “SynTest TurboBIST-Memory™ has been an integrated part of the multimedia IC solutions Sunplus delivers to customers over the years. We have embedded the memory BIST circuitry in our DVD players, portable DVD players and automotive DVD/CD players.”

L.-T. Wang, Founder, President & CEO of SynTest said, “We are pleased to hear from many of our customers that they are using SynTest suite of DFT tools to address their needs for compliance with the automotive ISO 26262 standards. Some of them use TurboScan™ to support scan-ATPG, TurboBIST-Memory™ to detect dynamic faults, and TurboFault™ to fault-grade functional vectors. SynTest products offer these capabilities to push Automotive Chips’ quality to new heights.”

About SynTest
StarDFX Technologies, Inc., established in 2009, develops advanced Design-for-Excellence (DFX) IPs and tools (including Logic BIST, Concurrent Fault Simulation, and Logic Reliability) and markets them, through SynTest as its sales channel, worldwide to semiconductor companies, system houses, and design service providers.

About SynTest
SynTest Technologies, Inc., established in 1990, develops IP for advanced Design-for-Test (DFT) and Design-for-Debug/Diagnosis (DFD) applications (including logic BIST, memory BIST, boundary-scan synthesis, Scan/ATPG with test compression, concurrent fault simulation, and silicon debug and diagnosis) and markets them throughout the world to semiconductor companies, system houses and design service providers. SynTest products improve an electronic design’s quality and reduce overall design and test costs. SynTest is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has an R&D and support office in Taiwan and distributors in Europe, Asia, and Israel. More information regarding SynTest is available at

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