TurboFault's Speed And Capacity Are Key To Improving Circuit Quality and Time To Market

LAS VEGAS (DESIGN AUTOMATION CONFERENCE) - June 18, 2001 - SynTest Technologies, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA, USA), the leading supplier of DFT (Design-for-Test) tools and services for integrated circuit designers and foundries, today announced that Sanyo Semiconductor Company (NASDAQ: SANYY) has purchased SynTest's TurboFault - fault simulator for Sanyo's current and next generation System-on-Chip (SoC) designs. The 3-year contract is for multiple licenses of TurboFault. The value was not disclosed.

Sanyo is using TurboFault to fault-grade a large number of functional patterns at the whole chip level to improve circuit quality and reduce time-to-market.

"We consider TurboFault to be a very effective tool for very fast fault simulation of multi-million gate SoC designs," said Mr. K. Murawaki, Senior Manager of Sanyo Semiconductor Company.

Mr. Ohnishi, Manager of Sanyo Semiconductor Company noted, "TurboFault's processing time is shorter than other tools and we believe it is the only tool that provides fault coverage for multi-million gate LSI designs. It is also quite useful for generating high fault coverage test vectors in the earliest stage of the design."

Mr. K. Yamamura, Senior Staff of Sanyo Semiconductor Company, commented "We are impressed not only by SynTest's technology but also by its support."

TurboFault is a high-speed, high-capacity, concurrent fault simulator for synchronous and asynchronous gate-level designs. It handles multi-million gate designs with various types of embedded memories. It is indispensable for achieving high fault coverage.

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Sanyo Semiconductor Company is one of the five companies of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. The Company offers semiconductor devices, flat panel displays and system solutions for leading applications in electronic industry such as mobile communication equipment, PC/PC related products and analog/digital AV equipment. As for manufacturing fabs, there are three wafer fabs and five assembly fabs in Japan and six assembly fabs in Asia-Pacific region. Sales bases of the Company are located in North America, Europe, Asia and Japan. In the fiscal year 1999 (as of March 2000), the Company had 323 billion yen in revenue with approximately 15,000 employees including its subsidiaries. Further information is available at

About SynTest

SynTest Technologies Inc., develops and markets DFT, logic and memory BIST synthesis, boundary scan, ATPG and fault simulation software tools and offers consulting services throughout the world to the electronics industry, in particular, the networking, communications, Internet appliance and computer companies. SynTest's products improve an electronic design's testability and fault coverage and result in not only reduced defect levels and costly tester time, but also reduced slippage in time-to-market.
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Acronyms and definitions:

ASIC: Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ATPG: Automatic Test Pattern Generation
BIST: Built-in Self-test
DFT: Design-for-Test
EDA: Electronic Design Automation
SoC: System-on-Chip

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