SynTest Adds Linux Platform Support For Its DFT Solutions

Linux Speeds DFT Tool Performance Two to Five Times

SUNNYVALE, Calif., USA, May 24, 2000 -- SynTest Technologies, Inc., an EDA Company
and supplier of DFT tools for IC designers and foundries, announced today that the company
has added support for the Linux platform to its existing support for the UNIX platform.

SynTest's products improve a design's testability and fault coverage and result in reduced defect levels and tester time.

L.-T. Wang, SynTest's President and CEO, noted, "The benchmarks we ran last year validated that Linux was a viable platform for our DFT tools. We are adding Linux support in answer to customer requests and as part of our strategy to maintain our position as a leading supplier of DFTsolutions."

Wang noted, "For many of our customers tool performance is critical and our Linux tools typically run two to five times faster than with other operating systems, depending upon the workstation processor type and clock speed. This is in addition to the already five to twenty times speed advantage that they have over competing solutions."

Price and availablity

All of SynTest's DFT, BISTand ATPG tools are available for Linux and Unix platforms. These include: TurboBIST T, a memory BIST suite; TurboBSDT, a boundary-scan test suite; TurboCheckT, a gate-level and RTL design and testability analyzer; TurboFaultT, a fast fault simulator; and TurboScanT, a full-scan and partial-scan synthesis and ATPG program.

Pricing for Linux versions is the same as for Unix versions and ranges from $20,000 (USD) for TurboCheck-Gate to $150,000 (USD) for TurboScan synthesis and ATPG.

About SynTest

SynTest Technologies, Inc., develops and markets DFT, logic and memory BIST synthesis, boundary scan, ATPG and fault simulation software tools and offers consulting services throughout the world to semiconductor companies, ASIC designers and test groups.

SynTest has offices in Korea, Taiwan and the USA and distribution partners in Canada, Israel, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Japan and Singapore.

Contacts for Reader Inquiries:

SynTest Technologies, Inc., 505 S. Pastoria Ave, Suite 101, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA


ATPG: Automatic Test Pattern Generation
BIST: Built-in-Self-Test
DFT: Design-for-Test
EDA: Electronic Design Automation
HDL: Hardware Description Language
IC: Integrated Circuit
RTL: Register Transfer-Level

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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