VLSI Test Principles and Architectures - Design for Testability (Elsevier July 7, 2006)

A new ATPG method for efficient capture power reduction during scan testing (VLSI Test Symposium 2006)

Ultrascan: using time-division demultiplexing/multiplexing (TDDM/TDM) with virtualscan for test cost reduction (ITC 2005)

At-speed logic BIST architecture for multi-clock designs (Int. Conf. on Computer Design 2005)

At-speed logic BIST for IP cores (DATE 2005)

VirtualScan: A New Compressed Scan Technology for Test Cost Reduction (ITC 2004)

Test Data Compaction tool from SynTest: VirtualScan Application Story (Jananese Version) (January 29, 2004)

Design for life (Test&Measurement World June 1, 2004)

Group seeks standard for test coverage reports (EE Times April 26, 2004)

Design-for-test moves up to RT level (EE Times June 9, 2003)

The case for logic BIST (EE Times February 14, 2003)

Design for test or suffer the consequences (EDN January 23, 2003)

Chip architecture allows "testless" design flow (EE Times September 5, 2002)

SynTest readies scan-test data compaction tool (EE Times September 2, 2002)

'To BIST' or 'Not To BIST?' (EDAVision July 2002)

Debug: The Next Big Thing in DFT (Reed Electronics April 29, 2002)

Cutting SoC Test Costs with the Right Kind of Scan (EDAVision February 1, 2002)

Efficient Double Fault Diagnosis For CMOS Logic Circuits (VLSI/CAD Symposium, Taiwan, 2001)

SynTest rolls out design-for-test software to reduce chip-testing costs (EE Times October 30, 2001)

DFT Takes on Test Cost in Final Combat (EE Times October 3, 2001)

SoCs lend momentum to design-for-test solutions (EE Times June 5, 2001)

Logic built-in self test needed for SoC (EE Times December 18, 2000)

The New Testability Sins: Don't Atone, Avoid! (EE Times March 29, 2001)

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